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  1. Fraud Reporting Form - Peoria County Auditor's Office

    Peoria County takes fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer funds very seriously. If you have a complaint, tip or suggestion, please use... More…

County Administration

  1. Contact Us

    Can't find the information you need? Use this Contact Us form to ask your question. Please note, we will attempt to respond in three... More…


  1. Peoria County Highway Department Adopt-A-Highway Permit Application

    Application form for citizens or groups to apply to Peoria County to "adopt" a County Highway in order to remove litter from the... More…

  2. Peoria County Highway Department Oversize / Overweight Moving Permit

    Used by companies in order to legally move Oversize / Overweight loads on Peoria County Highways.

  1. Peoria County Highway Department Entrance Permit

    Permit used for installing a private, commercial, or field entrance onto Peoria County Highway in order to access property.

  2. Peoria County Highway Department Utility Permit

    This permit is submitted by utility companies in order to install, repair, or replace utilities in Peoria County Highway Right of Way.

Sheriff's Office

  1. Contact Form - Peoria County Sheriff's Office
  1. Jail Tour Application

    This form can be completed and submitted to request a jail tour. Parties may submit one application together. All applications are... More…