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Learn About Metro Peoria

The Metro Peoria Committee, a joint effort between Peoria County and the City of Peoria, identifies, investigates, and implements collaboration initiatives intended to improve efficiencies and save tax payer dollars. Click here to learn how Metro Peoria is collaborating for our future.

County Board: Board Appointments

As a unit of local government, Peoria County has the authority to appoint citizens to serve on local boards, committees, and commissions. We take our responsibility to approve appointments very seriously and strive to ensure they are made in the best interests of the County, the community, and the candidate. Therefore, we request that interested citizens who wish to represent our community by serving on a board or commission please complete the appointment application available below.

All appointed positions are voluntary, and terms and time commitments vary by appointment. Applicants must be a Peoria County resident.

Applications may be downloaded, completed, and mailed to:

Attn: Chairman Andrew Rand
Peoria County Board
Peoria County Courthouse
324 Main St, Room 502
Peoria, IL 61602

Peoria County Appointment Application

Committee appointments and term expiration dates. Last updated as of October 13, 2017. 

Agricultural Areas Committee 

Robert Wieland  (2/1/2019)

Brian Elsasser (2/1/2018)

Brad Harding  (2/1/2019)

2 Vacant


Akron-Princeville Fire Protection District

Ray G. Delbridge   (4/30/2018)

John Bliss  (4/30/2020)

James M. Spurgeon  (4/30/2019)


Animal Review Board (PCAPS)

John Davidson   (9/1/2018)

Lynn Brender   (9/1/2018)

Alice Price  (3/31/2019)

Patti Schaffner (9/1/2018)

Sea Stipe  (9/1/2018)

Tom Missen  (11/1/2018)


Board of Health

Rahmat Na'Allah, MD,MPH  (6/30/2019)

Joyce Harant  (6/30/2020)

David Trachtenbarg (6/30/2020)

Jennifer Allison  (6/30/2019)

Kathy Simpson  (6/30/2018)

Stephen Hippler  (6/30/2018)

Sharon Williams  (1/30/2018)

Scott Anderson  (6/30/2018)

Samuel Duren  (6/30/2018)

Francesca Armmer  (6/30/2018)

Todd Baker (6/30/2020)


Board of Review & Assessments

Rick Salisbury (5/31/2018)

Patrick O'Shaughnessy (6/1/2019)

Greg Fletcher (5/31/2019)


Brimfield Community Fire Protection District

Ralph Peters  (4/30/2020)

Jerry Weaver  (4/30/2018)

Merle Turner  (4/30/2019)


Brimfield Sanitary District

Jeanne Challacombe  (4/30/2018)

Richard Depperman (4/30/2020)

Jeffrey T. Challacombe  (4/30/2019)


Building & Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals

J. Michael Parrish  (11/1/2021)

Joseph Mulay (11/1/2018)

Richard Raczak  (11/1/2018)

4 vacant

Care and Treatment Board

Greg Chance  (6/30/2020)

Alyssa Herman  (6/30/2018)

Robert Baietto  (12/1/2017)

Shannon Moberg   (6/30/2018)

Todd Baker  (6/30/2019)

Joyce Harant   (6/30/2019)


Chillicothe Community Fire Protection District

Mark Molleck  (5/1/2019)

Kevin Peterson   (5/4/2020)

Steven Meister (5/3/2021)

Harry Miller, Jr. (5/1/2020)


Chillicothe-Hallock-Medina Water District

Bill Lane (4/30/2022)

Steve Watkins (4/30/2020)

5 vacant


Cooperative Extension Board

Andrew Rand (4/30/2019)

Jimmy Dillon (4/30/2019)

Brian Elsasser (4/30/2019)


Cottonwood Cemetery

Russell Sherlock (10/30/2018)

Bridget Rickard  (10/30/2018)

Leann Lovingood  (10/30/2018)

Terri Thomson  (10/30/2018)

Dorothy Hamby (10/30/2021)

Kiley Beecher  (10/30/2021)

Michael Windish  (10/30/2021)


County Farmland Assess Review Committee

Richard Heinz  (11/1/2018)

Rick Salisbury (11/1/2018)

Gary Rosenbohm  (11/1/2018)

David Ryan  (11/1/2018)

Ben Vonk  (11/1/2018)


Dickison Cemetery Association of Radnor Township

Lise Mundwiller   (9/30/2021)

Melissa Majdic (9/30/2018)

Gerald Ulrich   (9/30/2018)

Sue Salrin (9/30/2021)                                                                             

Amy Ulrich (9/30/2018)

Debbie Shelby (9/30/2021)


Dunlap Community Fire Protection District

James Withers (4/30/2020)

Ann Joyce (4/30/2018)

Rodney Fitzpatrick (4/30/2019)


Economic Development Council

Andrew Rand (2/1/2018)


Elmwood Rural Fire Protection District

David W. Wagner (4/30/2018)

Jay I. McKinty (4/30/2020)

Chad Gordon (4/30/2019)


Emergency Telephone System Board

Tom Mitzelfelt (2/28/2020)

Gary Kantner   (2/28/2021)

Brian Asbell  (2/28/2020)

Dustin Sutton (2/2/2021)

Scott Mettille  (2/28/2020)

David Tuttle (2/28/2020)

Charles Lauss  (2/28/2018)

John Doering (2/28/2021)

Michael Cheatham (2/28/2020)

Matthew Maher  (2/28/2018)

Jerry Mitchell  (2/28/2021)

Rob Williams  (2/28/2020)

3 vacant

Greater Peoria Sanitary and Sewage District

Gene Petty  (4/30/2017)

Matthew Bender (4/30/2020)

Robert Gates (4/30/2019)

Mike Menke (4/30/2019)

Matt Jones  (4/30/2018)


Hanna City Sanitary District

Darrell Stear (4/30/2020)

Ronald Stear (4/30/2019)

Patricia Haller (4/30/2018)


Heartland Water Resources Council

Rachael Parker (1/1/2018)


Human Services Transportation Plan Steering Committee

Mary Patton (8/1/2019)

Andrew Dwyer (8/1/2019)


Illinois River Valley Council of Governments

Andrew Rand (12/1/2018)


Jubilee Churchyard Cemetery Association

Jeanne McCoy (6/30/2019)

Janet Colvin (6/30/2019)

Mary DeVries (6/30/2019)

Mike Blodgett (6/30/2019)

Lisa Sandall (6/30/2022)

2 vacant


Landfill Committee Joint City/County

Sharon Williams  (12/1/2018)

Lester Bergsten (12/1/2018)

Steve Van Winkle   (city appt.)

Rick Fox (12/1/2018)

Patrick Nichting  (city appt.)

Stephen Morris  (12/1/2018)


LaSalle Cemetery Association of Medina Township

John Dawson (4/30/2021)

W. Franklin Sturm II (4/30/2019)

Verne Schaffner (4/30/2022)

Patti Schaffner (4/30/2021)

Norma McWilliams (4/20/2018)

2 vacant


Limestone Walters Public Water District

Diana Monroe (4/30/2022)

Linda Ragain (4/30/2019)

David Durham (4/30/2021)

Jim Bartel (4/30/2020)

Steve Christiansen (4/30/2020)

Michael Bredernitz  (4/30/2021)

Rudy Lewis  (4/30/2018)


Local FEMA Board

Kathi Urban (1/31/2018)


Logan-Trivoli Fire Protection District

Stuart Tiezzi (4/30/2018)

David Doubet (4/30/2019)

Wendy Conner (4/30/2020)


Maple Ridge Cemetery Association

Clayton Bontz  (6/30/2018)

Ann Oedewaldt  (6/30/2018)

Marcella Stetler  (6/30/2021)

David Sharp (6/30/2018)

Herbert Brady (6/30/2018)

Richard Gebhardt  (6/30/2021)

Richard Ringwald  (6/30/2018)

1 vacant


Mt. Hawley Cemetery Association

Dr. James K. Hender (5/31/2023)

Carolyn Mitchell (5/31/2020)

Matthew Allen (5/31/2020)

Bryan Allen (5/31/2023)

Mary Allen Watkins (5/31/2023)

1 vacant


Multi-County Narcotic Enforcement Group

Andrew Rand (11/30/2018)


Pekin/LaMarsh Drainage and Levee District

William Henning (8/31/2020)

Mary Bontz (8/31/2018)

Joshua Kelly (8/31/2019)


Peoria County Administravie Adjudication Officer

Lauren Malmberg


Peoria County Plat Officers

Kathi Urban (6//2018)

Matt Wahl (11/1/2018)

Andrew Braun (3/1/2018)

Kerilyn Gallagher (6/1/2019)


Peoria County Veterans Memorial Committee

Harold Fritz

Steve Sonnemaker

W. Eric Turner

Peter Couri Jr.

Carol Van Winkle

Bruce Thiemann

J. Ryan Hubbard

Phil Salzer

Ken Baker

Michael McCoy


Pleasant Valley Public Water District

Helen Talbot-Hodge  (4/30/2021)

Chet Bishop (4/30/2020)

James Krusemark  (4/30/2022)

Theresa B. Smith (4/30/2018)

Victoria Heinle (4/30/2020)

Larry Oppe (4/30/2019)

Dave Schafer  (4/30/2021)


PUATS-Policy Committee

Thomas O'Neill (11/30/2019)

Stephen Morris (11/30/2017)


PUATS-Technical Committee

Amy Benecke McLaren (11/1/2018)

Jeffrey Gilles (11/30/2019)

1 vacant


Public Aid Committee of Peoria County

Michael Windish (5/20/2021)

Hutson Light  (5/20/2021)

Sharon Kennedy (5/20/2021)

3 vacant


Public Building Commission

Jerry Kolb (9/1/2019)


Rural Route 150 Water District

Nathan Kress (4/30/2020)

Danny Boettcher (4/30/2018)

Gordon Henderson (4/30/2022)

4 vacant


Sheriff's Merit Commission

Timothy Criss (5/1/2019)

Kent Tomblin  (5/31/2020)

Pete Pasquel (5/31/2023)

Thomas Kahn (5/1/2018)

Daniel Kerns (5/1/2018)


Springdale Cemetery Committee

Becky Doubleday (6/30/2018)

Kate Pastucha (6/30/2020)


Supervisor of Assessments

David Ryan (11/30/2019)


Timber-Hollis Fire Protection District

Bradford Janzen (4/30/2020)

Damon Spenny (4/30/2018)

Donald Rudd (4/30/2018)

Gary Williams (4/30/2020)


Timber-Logan Rural Water District

Joe Baumgardner (4/30/2018)

Martin Palmer (4/30/2019)

Thomas J. Mahr  (4/30/2022)

Duane Goetze  (4/30/2021)

Bret Rosenbohm (4/30/2020)

Robert Meyer  (4/30/2018)

Richard Rodehaver (4/30/2018)


Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

Phil Salzer  (11/30/2018)

Clinton Drury (11/30/2018)                                                                                         

Steve Van Winkle  (11/30/2017)

Paul Rosenbohm (11/30/2018)

Donald Gorman (11/30/2018)

Michael Phelan  (11/30/2018)

Matthew Bender (11/30/2018)


Tri-County River Valley Development Authority

Jimmy Dillon (1/21/2019)


West Peoria Street Lighting District

Guydeen Roos (4/30/2019)

John Walker (4/30/2018)

Randall Kleist (4/30/2020)


Williamsfield Fire Protection District

Lyle Galbreath (4/30/2019)


Zoning Board of Appeals

Richard Heinz  (11/1/2017)

Loren Bailliez  (6/1/2022)

Andrew Keyt (6/1/2022)

Greg Fletcher (6/1/2021)

John Harms  (6/1/2022)

Linda O'Brien (6/1/2019)

Justin Brown (9/1/2020)

Bill O'Brien  (2/1/2018)

Jim Bateman  (6/1/2022)

Featured Content

Learn About Metro Peoria

The Metro Peoria Committee, a joint effort between Peoria County and the City of Peoria, identifies, investigates, and implements collaboration initiatives intended to improve efficiencies and save tax payer dollars. Click here to learn how Metro Peoria is collaborating for our future.

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